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them out? to investigate president obama might be tempted to colin jack bauer the fictional rogue intelligence agent from the hit tv series 24 who invariably employs torture and a host of other illegal tactics to help the president fight terrorism. terrorism isn't the culprit here. its of adequate health care so maybe the president solution isn't jack bauer but rather the actor who plays him. the star of 24 is kiefer southerland whose family has a very deep connection to health care reform in canada. i said to the border agents tommy douglas is his grandfather. tommy douglas the most famous canadian voted in 2004 is the greatest canadian. tommy douglas was the premiere in saskatchewan and as a kid he almost lost his leg. the talk are saved him and he felt public health care was critical. and so he fought for public health care just in saskatchewan. who took them on? remarkably enough the ama the american medical association. afraid the contagion would spread south. that is public national health care. they won in saskatchewan and it became so popular it's spread across canada and
for achieving that goal. it was not until november 2011, 1.5 years after presidenpresiden t obama signed ac into other professor adler and his co-author michael canon of cato 's surface their discovery was an apparent glitch as they called it in the act and that this glitch supported a 180-degree contraindication of the laws indication. as michael canon has proclaimed that result could drive a stake through the heart of obamacare. but the truth is we were all right the first time. the purpose of the aca are in harmony. the congress that adopted this law did not intend and the statute of the authors who drafted it does not put this oppose its stake in the hands of health reform components in state capitols who are very sincere. i don't doubt that for a minute that opponents such as attorney general pruitt and in effect stiffing the core constituency of the law was enacted to benefit. now, statutory interpretation is not for the faint of heart and i'm going to try to spare us all , try just to summarize very briefly if i can but the gist of my argument is and leave details to my statement for
countries have taken me just apps to eradicate these weapons. there was a reason why president obama has made it such a priority to stop the proliferation of these weapons and lock them down where they do exist. there is a reason why president obama has made clear to the outside regime that this international norm cannot be violated without consequences. and there is a reason why no matter what you believe about syria all peoples, though all nations who believe in the cause of our common humanity must stand up to assure that there is accountability in the use of chemical weapons so that it never happens again. >> the building of human rights would be one of the foundations on which we would does in the world an active spirit in which peace could grow. >> i don't think the white house has completely blown to one person. it belongs to the people of america and i think whoever lives in it should preserve its tradition and enhance it and leave something of themselves there. next on booktv author susan crawford talks about her book "captive audience" the telecom industry and monopoly power in
on and president obama's soaring rhetoric about the promise of america, life, liberty, justice and equality for all has already been forgotten by many. and i know that many, many people in america will not think of dr. king again until his holiday rolls around again next year. but i would like for us to pause tonight and think more deeply about the meaning of dr. king's life and his legacy and what it has to teach us about our nation's president. it seems particularly important for us to do that given that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. 50 years have passed. 50 years have passed since king's voice soared over the washington monuments declaring his dream, i have a dream. it is a dream deeply wounded in the american dream. and yesterday while i was watching president obama's inaugural address i heard echoes of king's speech. i have a dream. and when i turned off my television set, i spent a few minutes reflecting on the question. are all of us, all of us truly welcome to share in this dream, the same dream that dr. king dreamed? most americans i'm sure can recite por
that obama needs to win and this collating of information that can be done, this was longhand and i realized pretty quick he that the notes couldn't serve me as they had bill. i couldn't figure out the source codes or the topic codes, the key he had lost. he had secret codes. our ex-were his entries. that one i entered -- the deuce but others were a number sign with an eight in it. i didn't know if that meant and i try to deduce from reading the page the secret code was on. i made a lot of headway. that might've had to do with family so if i saw four or five entries about churchill's children with the with an aid in it i would realize what that means family. well, i would be doing this for the next 20 years. so i had to find a new way or away to reinvent the wheel and i had a brainstorm. i called the wesleyan library and i asked for all the notes that bill had ever taken out. they said i'm sorry that's private. how about this? can you send being of all the loot bookshfñ?ñ? -- a list of ae books that were overdue? the new bill and he said well i guess we could do that and the list was about
. >> thank you. >> questions? >> i want to ask you a question, given this obama -- the speech on tax reform. i want to know how far democrats want to take tax reform, corporate -- >> we have to have significant revenue. i support the finance committee and what they're trying to do, but my message to everyone, including mys members on the finance commit year, tax reform but has to create significant revenue. >> you interested in -- want the lower rates, lower the individual rates and corporate -- >> when it's all over and done with, significant revenue. we start with senator murray's number in the budget committee. that's good starting point significant revenue. >> senator reid, what you have done and the republicans have not, not been an to pass an appropriations bill. what does that mean, so big -- >> unless the republican party becomes functional once again, i don't -- this year, -- we passed 27 bills. the lowest in the history of this country. 27 bills. now, the speaker says that is no indication of accomplishing much. his zenith is how many bills you delete. well, zero. 27 to zero. by a
at u.s.a. today. washington journal is live every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> president obama, former presidents clinton and carter, are among the speakers wednesday at the 50th anniversary of the march on washington at the lincoln memorial. we'll bring you live coverage of the event honoring the march and martin luther king king's i have a dream speech starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> we picture june cleaver with a vacuum cleaner, or in the kitchen frying bacon for breakfast in her pearls, that image actually does an -- obscure one of this most important trends for women, is that the labor force participation increased in then 1950s. american women workers, not only did not go home after world war ii, but they increasingly entered the labor market across the 1950s. and a decade that we associate with women's domestic history. >> what are you reading this summer? book tv wants to know. >> i have a couple of books. i don't finish any one book at one time. i keep going back to different ones. 1861, about the first year of the civil war, and overin' 1863 now and what is happe
of what president obama said. >> the march on washington teaches us that we cannot win by the mistakes of history. ringmasters of our fate. and also teaches us that the promise of this nation moment because when we work together. we have to out reignite the embers of empathy, the coalition of conscience that found expression in this place 50 years ago. i believe the spirit is there, but force inside each of those. i see it when no white mother recognizes her own daughter in the face of poor black child. i see it when the black youth banks of his own grandfather and a dignified steps of an oven in one of. is there when the native born recognize that spirit, and the couples were discriminated against. when we turned not from asia or on asia other, but toward one another, we find that we did not walk alone. >> video roast joined us at the los angeles festival books, still the best told him one bill will be to american values triumph. this is an hour. >> host: to be joined our saidut by the best-selling author, dennis prager, as most recent book "still the best hope: why the world needs am
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8